Thursday, December 23, 2010

4 Hour shifts

Imagine you wake up. It's a bright day, there's no clouds outside, your girlfriends making you some good greasy breakfast, and while you worked a close last night you got enough sleep to recharge. But wait, you realize you got to work a four hour shift today. And it's not another close, and it's not another open. No, you're scheduled to work 3 pm - 7pm. Smack dab in the middle of your day. Also right in the middle of the busiest store shopping time. So you're guaranteed that as soon you get to work and put on your vest, apron, shirt, or whatever 'flair' covered garb you will immediately be swamped with consumer zombies seeking out the brains at the bottom of that new LCD Monitor that's only $59.

Now if you were a normal person, you'd work a regular 9 - 5 job. But since you are an asset of the company this isn't the case. You can't get full time, because 'normal' people hold those good jobs. And you can't get mornings or evenings only because you have 'To be Flexible' and 'Work with the Team'. So you're shifted around like a Tetris piece in a seemingly simple schedule.

So now you have to balance your schedule. Do you sleep in or do you do errands? Do you go to the gym or could you stand being sore AND exhausted at the end of the day? Can I go out in the morning and be to work on time using public transit?

I find it an insult working in the middle of the day. I've done shifts where I've showed up, worked, and on my way out my department manager say "I didn't know you were working today". I preformed no essential function and sacrificed my morning and half my night to just pad a department that's covered by the other drones who ask themselves 'Is this good for the company'?

I'm an adult, treat me like it and don't insult my pride and spit on my income with this waste of my time.


  1. Man it's ridiculous how jobs treat people these days. It's horrible I know how it is. I don't even care for that money for those few hours. I just want to relax XD

  2. sounds brutal. become a boss, and work like a boss.

  3. the only solution to the game is to not play (get the hell out of retail).

  4. I had to work 4-8 a lot, the fucking worst

  5. with the econ how it is people are taking whatever jobs they can get