Monday, December 20, 2010

People Pong Christmas version

The Christmas rush is upon us and everyday I'm swamped with people literally shoving Christmas flyers in my face. The majority of them not even using any attempt at verbal communication. Merely, shove point to a picture and wait for response. It's gotten pretty standard that I walk around any corner of an aisle and BAM! Be hit by a dash of paper and hearing the tell tale smack of a finger on an item. This is where I don't play nice...I just seem to.

Killing them with kindness is the technique of detraction I like to use. Usually it carries out like so:
Customer shaking flyer: "This!"
Me: "Why certainly Sir/Mam you can find that in Aisle __ "

And the customer takes off almost salvating at the prospect of whatever Chinese slave made item they maybe salvating for. But soon enough they return:
Customer aggitated: "Umm! It wasn't there!"
Me: "Are you sure? It's on the far left hand corner. Maybe at the very back end of the aisle. Did you check there?"
Customer: "No, but I didn't see anything like it."
Me: "Well its a special SALE item, so it has a special spot. They move them around everyday. I saw it there this morning."

Eventually the customer goes off again to look for an item that's probably in the aisle next to us. It's like playing pong with people only you score by the amount of time they come back to you. My record is three so-far.

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  1. I don't agree with 'killing with kindness' doesn't work.